Eureka Classes                                                                    

National Expertise of "IN-HOUSE EXPERIMENT"

(A Unit of "The Service" a Charitable trust) ISO 9001:2008 Certified Institute



The committed torch bearers of the Eurekian legacy

Only highly qualified persons with keen interest and core competence to teach, combined with motivational skills can make the best teachers. There are lots of good reasons to choose Eureka Classes, but the one you shouldn't overlook is our team of distinguished faculty members in their respective domains.

'Eureka Classes' is not just another coaching class rather a learning centre and educational hub, aimed at promoting interest & aptitude in all the relevant subjects i.e. Physics , Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics to the level of JEE (Main & Advance)/PMT/KVPY/NTSE and International Olympiads.

"IN-HOUSE EXPERIMENT" A home away from home, where the whole activity of students is under parental care and a sure shot of success.


Paving the path to success with innovation

Life at Eureka Classes is different from that at any other institute. The teachers, here, are highly approachable and actively involved in the progress of every student. Relations between staff and students are relaxed and friendly, hence, the students never feel left out. The teaching, at Eureka is not restricted to the conventional classroom lectures, but is highly interactive, innovative and constantly developing to suit individual needs. Our newly adopted teaching methods help our students to think out-of-the-box, a skill that is indispensable to success. Our teachers are not only classroom educators but they are the best Friends, Philosophers and Guides.

"C.B.I.C" & Cyclic Course - We prepared unique methodology considering Board's & competition in mind with multiple revision till the exam.

The best faculty - Our teachers, besides being subject exper ts, are also trained and sensitized to child's requirements

Technology aided learning - Via video games to inculcate learning through visualizations and 3-D concepts

Exhaustive study material - In the form of books, journals, DVDs which are available in our library

Grading system - To ease the pressure on students as they begin preparation for highly competitive examinations

Teaching via Video-conferencing - To deliver best quality education to students across all par ts of India & abroad

Testing Assessment and feedback mechanism

Unique library system

• One to one doubt-solving The best reference books
• Lecture-DVDs by the best professors
• Individual coaching and recap of missed topics


Cumulative and topic-wise assessments


'Eureka classes' conducts topic-wise tests after the completion of every topic making sure that every student is aware of how much he/she has learnt in that topic. If a child finds that he/she is weak in a particular topic then he/she can immediately take remedial doubt-solving sessions in our library with the best teachers.


Major tests at 'Eureka classes' are a special feature taking place once in two months by way of which a student gets to know his/her level of understanding of all the topics covered till that point of time. These tests are generally on the pattern of Expected JEE/AIPMT and CBSE board exams. After this test, the students and parents get their test feedback through a detailed Performance Report.


'Eureka Classes' believes in providing the best teachers and systems to its students. In fact, students are asked to give their feedback on systems and teachers on a week to week basis. Based on this feedback Eureka classes decides the best way for providing students the best possible methodology in order to crack a top rank.